EA promises it's still working on Skate, shows reaction footage

EA has looked to assuage fans of its Skate series that it is still working on a new game in the series, the long-desired and hoped for fourth game. It's been over a year since EA first revealed that it was looking to bring back the classic sports title. It would be the first game in the series in over a decade, but following the success of the remaster of Tony Hawk 1 + 2, it seems EA couldn't resist bringing back its own beloved skate title.

The question remains however, when we'll get to see it for real and how far along its development is. EA promised during a recent EA Play Live that though it didn't have anything exact to show fans, it could show a teaser of sorts. Reaction footage of people looking at the game, as well as some alleged motion capture footage of the developers working on the game.

The people who saw it at least seem very excited, revealing that it'll have an open world, deep character customization, some impressive park customization tools, expansive multiplayer, and climbing.

There's not much else to say, unfortunately, but it does appear at least that Skate is well into development. It's still early, so don't expect anything this year, but it's in the works. Just roll with it, as the trailer says.

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