EA set to announce Hot Pursuit remaster

EA set to announce Hot Pursuit remaster

EA games has been teasing an announcement about something new in the world of Need for Speed on its social media feeds over the past few days and it's looking increasingly likely that it's for a remaster of the popular Hot Pursuit game from 2010. That version of EA's streetracing series didn't feature the heavy car customization of its successors, but it perfected the cop vs racer mechanic that EA has been trying to recapture since.

The Need for Speed Hot Pursuit remaster will have uprated graphics, though it's not yet clear if EA will change its multiplayer mechanics at all. The original game was limited to point to point races for larger groups of gamers, with only two players (one cop, one racer) being able to drive around the entirety of the open map together in a game of cat and mouse.

Free roam was possible on single player too, but that was just for driving. You couldn't take part in races, or head to head races with AI drivers at all.

Some box art and leaked screenshots of the remaster have appeared online (via WCCFTech) and they look good, but hardly astounding. Here's hoping that in-action the game looks a little better considering the time developers have had to work on the now-decade-old experience.

Are you excited by the possibility of Hot Pursuit becoming the hot new racing game again? Even for just a little while?