ESPN NFL 2K5 Ships

ESPN NFL 2K5 Ships ESPN NFL 2K5 Ships ESPN NFL 2K5 Ships ESPN NFL 2K5 Ships

ESPN Videogames and Take-Two Interactive announced that ESPN NFL 2K5 has shipped to major retailers across North America and will be available to consumers on the weekend of July 23. ESPN NFL 2K5 is available for both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

A bevy of new features permeate ESPN NFL 2K5, adding to the authenticity and realism the 2K series is known for. The V.I.P. System (Virtual Identity Profile) allows players to keep track of a human opponent's behavior, then save and re-load the behavior, allowing true competitive play at any time. Maximum Tackle gives gamers an unparalleled level of control from both sides of the field, as defenders decide whether to go for the basic wrap-up tackle, or a devastating big hit.

ESPN's Chris Berman and Suzy Kolber headline an updated ESPN Presentation complete with stylized on-screen graphics, ESPN's exclusive Skycam and a full franchise show featuring ESPN personalities Mel Kiper, Jr. and Trey Wingo.

ESPN NFL 2K5 also includes online play consisting of competitive tournaments, deep online statistics and multiplayer leagues -- all offered at no additional cost to the consumer. Players not only can test their gameplay skills at beating online opponents, but also through the Crib's new point system and item catalogue, allowing gamers to customize their Crib. Players are challenged to garner additional points in the Crib by accepting phone challenges from Crib celebrities such as Steve-O, Carmen Electra, Jamie Kennedy, Funk Master Flex and David Arquette and taking on their "dream teams."

ESPN NFL 2K5 and all other ESPN Videogames titles are produced by Visual Concepts, SEGA's sports studio. ESPN NFL 2K5 is available for the suggested retail price of USD 19.99. For more information, follow the download tab above.