Everquest in DX9 Thanks to NVidia

Everquest in DX9 Thanks to NVidia

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has announced that it is making significant changes to the core engine of Everquest, changes which will utilize DirectX 9 and will therefore require all players to upgrade to DX9. SOE anticipates patching in the new engine sometime during the next month or two.

According to Sony Online Entertainment these upgrades to the EverQuest engine will allow SOE to provide players with the great game, but on a much more stable and efficient platform.

SOE does admit that a very small percentage of the current EverQuest player base (less than 1 per cent) may find that their older video cards are not compliant with DX9. To find out if a video card is DX9 compliant, players should check with the manufacturer of their card (video drivers may need to be updated as well). Players can also consult the EverQuest tech page on Sony Online Entertainment's website, located at https://eqlive.station.sony.com/support/tech_support.jsp .

If you do belong to that tiny percentage however, fear not as the good people of SOE have worked out a deal with NVIDIA and eVGA.com to provide all current EQ players access to discounts on a number of newer video cards that are DX9 compliant. eVGA.com will be offering EQ players discounts on several PC video cards that utilize Nvidia technology, from the affordable GeForce FX 5600XT all the way up to the GeForce FX 5900 Ultra.

If you are a current EverQuest player with a non-DX9 compliant card or even if you just want an upgrade you can go to to take advantage of this special offer.

Strangely enough the offer page does not mention Everquest exclusively, although it does use the above mentioned link, so that may mean that anyone can get the discounts mentioned on the eVGA.com offer page.