Evolve trailer shows off new Distillery map

It's been a while since we've seen anything new from the Evolve crew, so it's nice that today thanks to Gamescom we get a look at a brand new map and a new hunter combination to see how the different abilities interact with one another.

This time around instead of the usual Maggie and Bucket tagging along as Trapper and Support, we have Griffin and Hank teaming up with Lazarus and Hyde to make for an interesting combination of weapons and skills.

The map itself is icy and we're told it features random snowstorms which will make visibility and traversing certain parts of the map difficult, though we don't see them in this video.

What we do see however is a relatively desolate landscape with the same mix of rocky outcrops and industrial complex - making me a little wary that all maps will feature this frontier look - and some brand new local wildlife to contend with.

What do you guys think of the new map? And do you have any ideas for the game's meta when it's released?

Evolve lands on Xbox One, PC and PS4 in February next year.

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