FarmVille Is No Longer The Most Popular Facebook App

For the first time in 15 months, another app has displaced Zynga's FarmVille from its position as the most popular application on Facebook as ranked by monthly users.

Currently, the most popular Facebook app is "Phrases." Developed by Takeoff Monkey, Phrases enables people to post sayings, images, and quizzes from a variety of pre-generated topics on their newsfeed.

FarmVille, which used to be the most popular Facebook app since August 2009, has reached a peak of 84 million monthly active users before Facebook's new email and notification anti-spam policy sent it on a downward spiral.

Right now, FarmVille has 53.9 million monthly players and Phrases has 54.3 million monthly players. Phrases has been seeing a sharp decline in its monthly users count after it decided not to serve users from USA without giving any reasons.

FarmVille is still the most popular game on Facebook.

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