Fighter Pilot Academy and Battlefield 1942 Dogfight Over Christmas sales dominance

Fighter Pilot Academy and Battlefield 1942 Dogfight Over  Christmas sales dominance

I Entertainment Network, announced that WarBirds III, Fighter Pilot Academy, is expected to reach retail shelves very quickly for the Christmas retail season, with new features, new graphics, new missions, and a new level of simulation to battle Electronic Arts excellent new retail WWII product, Battlefield 1942.

WarBirds III, Fighter Pilot Academy (FPA), brings a new level of sophistication to World War II game simulations. Fighter Pilot Academy provides training missions to teach new players how to drive or fly WW II vehicles including over 49 aircraft, 11 bombers, 4 tanks, 4 ground vehicles and 4 ships. FPA also introduces IENT's new mission creation and planning system. This new system enables all IENT games to provide over 10 instant action missions where the player can jump right into the action and experience the thrill and excitement of intense WWII combat without having to wait for the action. FPA also include 5 campaign missions, where the player is a member of either the Axis or Allied forces participating in simulated historical missions like the great B-17 raids over France during WWII.

WarBirds III, Fighter Pilot Academy, also brings new graphics technology to online sims with new and larger visual distances displayed, new explosions and damage effects, new real historical recorded sounds for WW II weapon systems, and new terrain detail taken from actual satellite maps!

Battlefield 1942 is different from Fighter Pilot Academy, it is a game rather than a simulation and focuses on excellent special effects, constrained distances, and action game play over historic simulation. In 1942, distance viewing is focuses to very short distances, tanks shoot primarily close objects, and most of the battles take place in confined spaces. 1942 makes excellent use of special effects to enhance the game action.

WarBirds III, Fighter Pilot is a real simulation. Distances up to 35 kilometers are displayed and weapons shoot accurate simulated distances with real damage models. WarBirds III is a true air, land, and sea simulation, and contains real weapons physics. The system requirements to experience real WWII simulation are accessible by a large game population and compatible with most new computers that were shipped for last Christmas.

WarBirds III, Fighter Pilot Academy, is a true massively multiplayer online game and WWII simulation. WarBirds III, Fighter Pilot Academy, uses IENT's patented Latency Management System to provide real massively multiplayer battlefields capable of managing hundreds of players at the same time.

WarBirds III is I Entertainment Network's Award Winning Simulation of the Decade where players from over 70 nations participate in more than 400 worldwide Squadrons and operate over 50 simulated combat vehicles in historical missions of World War II combat. WarBirds III now includes air, land, and sea combat missions to complete the Virtual Battlefield that has long been the dream of most online game players. This product is for both the PC and Macs, with a special version for MAC OS X.

WarBirds III, Fighter Pilot Academy is being published under license from IENT by Simon & Schuster Interactive.