First Bioshock 2 DLC Was Already Available On Disc

The first Bioshock 2 DLC, the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack, was released three days ago for $4.99 and included 20 new trials, 2 new multiplayer characters, an extra upgrade for each weapon and raised the level cap to 50. Problem is, all that has been available on the game disc as it shipped, and paying for the DLC did nothing but unlock it, dismayed Bioshock 2 fans found out.

Fans at the official 2K Games forums noticed that the download was only 24K in size on the PC and 108K on Xbox 360, implying that the content was already available on the game disc.

The forum's community manager, Elizabeth, admitted the allegations implicitly, claiming that it was to ensure there was no split in the userbase for the game's multiplayer mode.

"I know some of you have strong beliefs about DLC, and I'm not here to sway your opinion or convince you to buy our stuff," she wrote. "If you like what we're offering, I hope you get it and enjoy it. If it's not your speed, enjoy BioShock 2 as we released it."

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