Fortnite Alpha signups begin

It's been a long time since Epic really told us anything about its long-in-development, builder/shooter title Fotnite, with only the original reveal in 2011 and a couple of short segments of gameplay shown over the past few years. However, with the next issue of Game Informer magazine a lot of details are coming and to celebrate, Epic has opened up alpha tester applications to the public.

Of course you aren't guaranteed to get in and there's a survey about your gameplay experience and interests that you need to go through before you can be officially accepted and there's no word on when that will be as of yet.

However apply you can over on the official site and there's a few extra details too. We now know that the reason the world is deserted and it's just you and your buddies building and shooting your way around is because of something called the Storm, which has opened gates to who-knows where. You have to close these gates, but the hordes of "husks" and other enemies are trying to stop you.

The only real look we've had of Fortnite in action was a short gameplay demo from PAX released last year. It shows a single player character scavenging materials from buildings around the world and taking them back to her base. It starts out small with just a few walls and doors, maybe the odd staircase for a second story and ends up being an enormous fortress that would impress even the most ardent Minecraft player.

Fortnite is expected to hit PCs later this year.

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