GAME Opening Xbox Only Store in London

Xbox One Game

GAME might be a brand that only scraped through 2012 after OpCapita swooped in and bought its remaining locations, stock and contracts, but that doesn't mean it's not getting aggressive with the next-generation of hardware. In order to capitalise on masses of Xbox One pre-orders, it's announced that a new location will open up in the British capital and it'll be an Xbox only store. PS fans, stay away.

If you know your London geography, or want to get an exact idea of where the store will be, it'll be found in Boxpark, Shoreditch and will be opening as early as the 20th of June. That's in two days time people.

Understandably, it'll be taking pre-orders for Xbox One hardware, as well as selling current gen Xbox 360 hardware and games, along with other Microsoft product like Windows 8 and the surface table. It's expected that there will be a demo area for each of the Xbox consoles (when the One is released in November) and a display area where tablets can be trialed as well.

This isn't expected to be something that's repeated elsewhere in the country, or with alternative PlayStation stores, as game has described the Microsoft partnership as a one off - perhaps to placate Nintendo and Sony into continuing to provide the chain with products.

Considering the Microsoft stance on pre-owned, it'll be interesting to see if second hand Xbox 360 games/hardware are sold there.

What do you guys think of the idea of an Xbox store? Any of you travelling to London in the next few months think you might check it out?