GoG Galaxy now supports Epic Games Store

GoG Galaxy 2.0 has continued its fast-paced update program this Summer, and the latest addition brings support for the Epic Games Store. That means that using the official plugin allows you to display your entire Epic Games Store library within the GoG Galaxy client, making it easier than ever to have all of your games in one place.

As the online digital games store scene has fragmented in recent years, with more and more storefronts opening up and offering exclusive games, it's become more of a pain for gamers who have to deal with multiple clients just to play their favorite games. In an effort to get around that, many stores are now offering the option of loading your games through their clients instead. Even AMD's new drivers let you do it.

But GoG Galaxy has been one of the front runners in this technological advancement, and now with Epic Games Store support, it has the complete package. You can already launch your Steam games through GoG Galaxy, as well as EA's Origin, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Ubisoft's Uplay titles. With Epic Games Store, GoG Galaxy has just about everything you could possibly want when it comes to bringing your libraries together.

There are still some features which need to be added, like the Epic Games Store chat function. But for the most part it's all there.

GoG will continue working on adding these features in the coming months, making it an attractive alternative to Steam's longstanding dominance.

Which game client do you play your games through?

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