Got Game Asks Just That

Got Game Asks Just That Got Game Asks Just That

Got Game Entertainment has decided to launch a mass appeal for new game developers with fresh ideas and an innovative approach to gaming.
Experience at Megagames suggests that there are plenty of promising new developers out there eagerly awaiting a break and Got Game is promising that hard work and original thought will be rewarded. Over the past few years we have been contacted by plenty of eager new developers hoping to get some help launching their ideas. None more deserving than Reactor Interactive with their Sector 13 project. Let us hope that promising developers will now get the chance to showcase their talents; hint to Got Game Entertainment.

In a remarkably short period of time, Got Game Entertainment has achieved a North American retail distribution channel rivaled only by long-established game publishers, as well as established a reputation for an innovative, mass market audience approach to game promotion. Now, the publisher is ready to use its recipe for success to bring even more games to market and, in that regard, is seeking new properties.

Got Game is now actively pursuing unique and entertaining titles, including those with appeal beyond the typical hardcore gamer, said Got Game President, Howard Horowitz. Game developers with well-made, innovative titles for PC or console are encouraged to contact us today.

Game developers interested in discussing publishing opportunities with Got Game Entertainment should contact Got Game via For the official Got Game Website follow the download link above.

For those of you intrigued by the prospect of trying a truly independent game, follow the download tab above to download the Sector 13 demo.