H-L 2 Vivendi Says Ask Valve

H-L 2 Vivendi Says Ask Valve

Along with most of the marketing behind H-L 2, the new issue of a release date is starting to look like a big joke. While Amazon.com claims the game will be released Dec. 1, EBGames.com will ship it on Nov. 27, Wal-Mart on or just after Nov. 17 and BestBuy.com between Nov. 3 and Nov. 12, Vivendi, when asked point the finger to Valve. Valve representatives, pause to collect their thoughts, think about it a while longer and then say Nothing yet.

It would seem that a release before 2004 is the only factor connecting the dates announced by all retailers, except for GameStop.com which still shows an April 1, 2004 release. Then again if one retailer issues a date the others have to follow or they might lose pre-release orders, even though it is certain that following recent events H-L 2 pre-orders must be minimal. According to Amazon their date is merely a guess based on Valve's ready for the holiday season announcement, a while back.

What is a bit more disturbing, is the arrogance with which Valve treat the whole issue. While a delay is always a risk when developing a game you would think the company would rush to inform their potential customers of the games' status. Valve not only have ignored their fans but seem so consumed by their previous Gaming Guru's status that they have adopted an arrogant approach in dealing with their customers.

There is of course, as mentioned before by Megagames, the possibility that any investigation regarding the source theft may be the reason Valve cannot comment on any progress. They are continuing however, on a suicidal public relations strategy which may not damage their current project and its sales but which may stigmatize the company in future endeavors.

Most gamers hope that the whole issue is just a by-product of the shock in which most Valve members are following recent events. The industry needs a healthy, efficient Valve and so do gamers.