Hacking Group Runs Linux On PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 jailbreak exploits started surfacing in June 2015 and now fail0verflow hacking group took it one step forward by installing and running Linux on Sony's console.

The hacking group showcased their achievement in a Chaos Computer Club (CCC) convention where they ran Linux on PlayStation 4 and used it to play a Pokémon game. The team did a short presentation on the matter, but it was a little shy on technical details.

In one slide, Fail0verflow said that "The Marvell engineers who designed the southbridge were smoking some real good stuff" and that the NOP command (do nothing command) was broken in the AMD Radeon GPU powering the PS4. The group promised to release the Linux Kernel files needed for the Operating System to run on PlayStation 4, but they won't provide any details on the exploit they used to install it.

At the end, fail0verflow bragged that "PS4 security is crappy enough" other hackers will be able to find exploits easily.

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