HackTracer 32-bit 1.0

HackTracer 32-bit 1.0 HackTracer 32-bit 1.0 HackTracer 32-bit 1.0

HackTracer is the first-of-its-kind intrusion detection application that "tracks the hacker"! Designed to reside on a stand-alone home or office PC, HackTracer works in the background, keeping a constant watch for attempts to "hack" into your system.
Upon detecting a hack attempt, HackTracer:
Denies access to the intruder and begins tracing the hacker back to their point of origin.
Brings up a world map to display the tracing route.
Creates a log-including the IP address of the intruder-using HackTracer Technology that may be used by authorities.
After HackTracer is installed your computer is effectively 'stealthed'. Any attempts at pinging or portscanning will receive no response. Unsolicted UDP packets will not get through; unsolicited TCP connections will receive no response. The computer cannot be detected from outside. Email, web browsing, streaming media, ICQ and so on will still work normally.
Due to the architecture this first version of HackTracerTM will only operate on Windows 95 based architectures; This includes Win95, 95A, 98, 98SE.
HackTracer will not work on NT and 2000 at this time, we are currently working on a Windows 2000 version for release later this year.

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