Handheld Dynamite

Handheld Dynamite Handheld Dynamite

Crave Entertainment announced that it will publish the first videogame based on the popular Fox Searchlight motion picture Napoleon Dynamite for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

Napoleon Dynamite quickly gained cult-classic status with its quirky look at life in rural Idaho. Teens and adults alike love the movie's colorful characters and offbeat take on teenage awkwardness. Napoleon Dynamite catchphrases (Vote for Pedro!) have become pop-culture fixtures, with references to the movie popping up everywhere from T-shirts to ice- cream flavors.

Crave's upcoming release will feature favorite Napoleon Dynamite characters including Kip, Uncle Rico, Pedro, Tina the llama, and of course, Napoleon himself.

Napoleon Dynamite is one of the great cult classics of the past decade, said Mark Burke, senior vice president of product planning and business development at Crave Entertainment. It's one of those films that has great memorable lines and characters, and we expect that fans of the movie will really like the game.