Jack Thompson Vs Master Chief

Jack Thompson Vs Master Chief

After finishing Sam and Max: Season 1, Adventure gamers can get their fix of comedy and violence adventuring by following jack Thompson's latest legal brawl against Halo 3 and Microsoft's Army of Lawyers.

Having been forced not to harass Take-Two over their GTA and Manhunt series, Thompson turned his attention to bigger fish.

In an email addressed to Bill Gates directly, Jack Thompson actually wrote:
Heres the deal, Mr. Gates: Either Microsoft undertakes dramatic, real steps, through its marketing, wholesale, and retail operations to assure that Halo 3 is not sold, via the Internet and in stores, directly to anyone under 17, or I shall proceed to make sure that Microsoft is held to that standard by appropriate legal means. I have done that before successfully as to Best Buy, and I shall do so again as to Microsoft and all retailers of Halo 3.

So, Thompson is basically asking Microsoft, as a game publisher, to monitor and regulate Halo 3 retailers. But it doesn't stop there. To ensure hilariousness, Thompson admitted that although, (...Halo 3 had NOT received a Mature rating yet) ...the Beta version that was released last week shows us all just how violent the game is and how inappropriate it is for play by anyone under 17, as the "Mature" rating it will surely receive indicates.

Jack Thompson's history is full of failed lawsuits against games (a judge even called his behavior "inappropriate by a member of the bar, unprofessional and contemptible") while, on the other hand, Microsoft's legal team, aptly nicknamed Microsoft's Army of Darkness, is bound to see this as a marketing opportunity; there to be exploited.