Jenna Jameson at E3

Jenna Jameson at E3

If the next-generation consoles and thousands of new games are not enough reason to get you to E3 maybe a guest appearance by the noted thespian, Jenna Jameson, will convince you that this year E3 is a must-see show.

Jenna Jameson, the world's most popular adult actress is getting ready to move into the world of video games. With the launch of "Virtually Jenna: The Official Video Game of Jenna Jameson," the sultry sex icon's technical partners have devised a way to simulate control of her sexual activity and even decide when she reaches a state of bliss. The game is available at

After downloading Virtually Jenna from the Internet, players can interact with virtual Jenna however they want, whenever and anytime they want through their browser on their PC. They can pose her like a centerfold, dress and undress Jenna and her friends and let their imaginations control the outcome... says Brad Abram of xStream3D Multimedia, the Canadian company that developed the game for MS Jameson.

So the great actress thinks she is big enough to take on another sex symbol that has ruled over the virtual universe for a few years now. Knowing Lara Croft however, we think it is unlikely that she will give up without a decent fight, even if Ms Jameson does probably contain more plastic than any of Ms Croft's action figures.

Mr. Abram said, The game allows users to 'role play' and control how Jenna and her Club Jenna Girls react, what setting they are in, which sex toys they use, and what kind of sex they will have with ultra-realistic soft-core or hard-core scenes. It's like being there and being able to create your own movie. Favorite gaming moments can be saved in a private digital snapshot image gallery. This fall Virtually Jenna, the world's first celebrity based interactive online 3D adult computer videogame, will also let users put an image of themselves and even their name in the game, then control a realistic sex simulation with the world's leading adult entertainer 'Jenna Jameson' starring themselves!

Visit website to view all the Virtually Jenna: The Official Videogame of Jenna Jameson images that we couldn't publish from MegaGames and to watch a few short trailers and download a free preview of the game. VirtuallyJenna will be promoted at E3, the annual videogame tradeshow to be held in Los Angeles May 18th-20th. A contest in Fall of 2005 will allow players to enter to win and appear as a personalized character in Jenna's game!