John Wick Hex is a turn-based, action strategy game

The John Wick series has been the most successful Keanu Reeves vehicle since The Matrix trilogy and it looks set to continue and conclude spectacularly in 2019 with the third movie in the franchise. Alongside its release, though, we can also expect a unique game property to support it. John Wick Hex isn't a fast-paced FPS title, or some sort of Max Payne-esque third-person shooter, but a strategic, turn based title with a cell-shaded art style.

Developed by Thomas was Alone and Volume creator, Mike Bithell at Bithell Games, it's secured publishing through Lionsgate Films and will leverage the John Wick character and IP to great effect. There's a cartoonish look to the scenes, like Invisible Ink, or XIII. In the announcement trailer, we're told by Charon, the concierge at the Continental Hotel, that Mr Wick's actions are chess-like and staying ahead of the opponents moves is all that's keeping him alive.

That's your job as the controller of Mr Wick in this new game. You'll take down NPCs with shot and fist, choosing your actions each turn to counter what they may do.

You'll work through a story specifically crafted for the game, with new weapon unlocks throughout to expand your options. You'll have to contend with ammunition running low, however, so use your shots wisely and make them count.

We don't know when John Wick Hex will release, but we do know that it will be an Epic Store exclusive when it does. It will then make its way to other platforms, eventually releasing on console, MacOS and Windows.

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