Kingdom Under Fire or just Diablo look alike?

Kingdom Under Fire (KUF) details the epic battles on the continent of Bersiah, where the Race of Light (Humans and Elves) and the Race of Darkness (Orcs and Ogres) coexist in a brooding cloud of suspicion and hostility. Their battles- for life and hegemony- are rooted in the primordial conflict between the two gods Amoth and Tobied and have been waged since the dawn of history. The most recent war gave birth to legends such as The War of Xok Knights, or The War of Heroes.

Each mission in KuF is played according to the memoir of a single leader as a reliving of his particular experience. As the mission unfolds, the truth about the last war is revealed, little-by-little, as are the relationships between heroes. Each mission contains detailed RPG-type events with action and dialogue, creating an immersive gaming experience. Human Alliance missions are played first, followed by the stories of each hero and, finally, Dark Legion missions. This final mission is the most complex, as events are sparked and resolutions reached by different heroes, each in turn.

Kingdom Under Fire will be released sometime next month.

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