League of Legends fans found 174 bugs with one character

The millions of League of Legends players are a dedicated bunch, because although LoL remains arguably the most popular competitive game in the world, it's closing in on its eighth birthday and few games make it even close to that milestone without petering out. LoL is still incredibly popular though and that means that when there are problems with the game, a lot of people know about them. Take the huge number of bugs present in champion Mordekaiser, for example.

In an expansive list, LoL players have drawn up as many as 174 distinct problems with the champion, many of them related to his Ultimate's ability to turn defeated enemy champions into ghosts. They often don't have the right statistics, nor apply their classic passive abilities. In other cases the dragon ghost is quickly overtaken by another champion ghost, despite that being a major downgrade.

That dragon ghost can sometimes apply bizarre buffs too, such as increased health to Mordekaiser or additional armor to itself. Sometimes auras don't affect the champion and his ghosts properly and turret kills don't grant a ghost when they should (thanks PCG).

This is obviously just a handful of examples of problems the champion has, but fans want to see Riot do something about them. Preferably all of them, but if it just started fixing some, fans would be happy.

As it stands this list is a few months old and most of these bugs still remain. Riot did promise to look into them, but as of yet few have been fixed. Here's hoping with some increased publicity on this problem, that that changes.

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