Leaked Intel NUC photos show Intel and AMD hardware together

The first instance of Intel and AMD working together on a singular product may be in an as yet unannounced NUC. The little computing device features what appears to be a combination design of Intel Kaby Lake CPU and an AMD Vega graphics chip, potentially offering decent performance in a very compact package.

Intel and AMD made the surprise announcement that they would be working on a brand new design together last week, shocking the world and opening the door to a potentially powerful new design for laptops and tablets. As PCGamer points out though, it would make sense for such a design to leak into other markets and NUCs, with their already existing micro form-factor seems like a perfect fit.

Chiphell discovered the image, though where it got it from is anyone's guess. It's good it did find it though, as it gives us our first look at an intriguing setup. The image shows a Kaby Lake-H CPU - it looks like a quad core - paired up with a custom AMD Vega GPU. There's a set of VRM areas and a pair of DDR4 SO-DIMM slots running dual channel memory.

Storage wise the system looks to use an NVME SSD, which makes sense considering the compact nature of the NUC system. It appears to be 120GB in size, so hardly monstrous, but enough for a micro-system like this and easily expandable with exterior storage.

There's no word on what the price tag or release date of such a system is, but it does give us some interesting thoughts about what the future may hold for this AMD/Intel partnership.

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