Lee and Clementine Actors to Play Walking Dead Tonight

Walking Dead

Where's my Walking Dead fans at? Tonight (well, tonight by my time standards anyway) the voice actors for both Lee and Clementine will be playing the last chapter of Walking Dead, live via Twitch TV, which will be the first time that they've done so together.


Considering the ending of Telltale's first season of the Walking Dead was just about the most emotional moment in any game I've ever played, this could be quite an interesting look into the episode. It'll certainly be the first time I've looked at anything to do with the game series since that tear jerking finale.

The people behind the voices are Dave Fennoy (Lee) and Melissa Hutchison (Clementtine), the latter of whom you might also know as the voice of many other Telltale characters and Ashe from League of Legends.

The stream of tonight's playthrough will take place at 8PM GMT (3PM ET/ 12PM PT) and is partly to help promote the upcoming DLC to bridge the first and second season of the point and click game together. Titled 400 Days, it's expected to contain the stories of five new characters that will impact the main plot somehow.

I know the timing isn't great for my pals across the pond, but any of you planning to tune in for this?

[Cheers Eurogamer]