Left 4 Dead Cold Stream DLC Available Now

Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream

Cold Stream, the latest DLC for Left 4 Dead has now landed on PC. The Xbox release date is as yet unannounced.

While it's been in beta for a long time, the new content adds the original Left 4 Dead campaigns into Left 4 Dead 2, as well as adding the community developed Cold Stream campaign. Extra little features include the ability to bring Left 4 Dead characters into the Source Filmmaker and mutations - various gameplay modes - are freely available for players. Up until now, only a select few mutations had been made available during limited periods, so the addition of any mutations, any time, is a welcome one.

Some of them include iron man realism mode, head shots only, bleed out and many more. The full list of them can be read about here.

While people will be pleased to the see the original campaigns added, those that haven't played the Cold Stream campaign yet should be in for a treat. Every chapter ends with a gauntlet crescendo event leading to the safe room, with the final chapter being a gauntlet panic event throughout its entirety.

If you don't have Left 4 Dead 2, coincidentally it's now on discount on Steam, so you can pick it up for just a few bucks.