Magic of Amazon Dates Duke Nukem

Magic of Amazon Dates Duke Nukem Magic of Amazon Dates Duke Nukem

At first it was frustrating, then it became funny but now it's almost sad to see that the game that spawned the infamous, "ready when it's done" line, being reduced to Amazon specified release dates.

A couple of months back mentioned that Duke Nukem Forever was set for a December 2, 2005 launch according to the magic that is Amazon. The news, back then, was the fact that the company had felt confident enough to list the product and start selling. The real news would have come if anyone had given that story any credit and almost no one did. It seems that they were right to do so as Amazon has put its magic skills to good use once again as the website listing now claims that the game will be released April 21, 2006.

Once again it is unlikely that anyone will pay any attention to the news as the Duke Nukem Forever saga has already slipped out of gamer consiousness. The smartest move for Take2 would be to forget the PC version altogether and sell some PS3 or Revolution version to one of the console makers so as to capitalize from their launch buzz. There seems little chance that anyone would be willing to try the game once it comes out, especially since they will probably have to select to run the program in compatibility mode for Windows 98.