Mewgenics is back! Under new partnership

Mewgenics, the oft-delayed and eventually cancelled game from Team Meat founder and Binding of Isaac creator, Edmund McMillen, has now been restarted by that same man and a new partner in the form of Tyler Gaial, the developer and designer of Closure, The End is Nigh and Bombernauts, among other indie titles. It's not clear when we can expect the game to be finished or made available in any guise, but it's exciting to see that the game will one day see the light of day.

A strange cross between Pokémon, Harvest Moon and The Sims, Mewgenics is a game that has you managing your collection of cats, breeding them to create new traits and ultimately, battling with them. Genetics is a major component of the game and making sure to push your cats to mate in the right direction, rather than the wrong one would be key -- unless you particularly want a collection of overweight, blind, lazy cats, rather than a cohort of mean, muscled monsters.

As promising as all of that sounds, when Team Meat's McMillen and Tommy Refenes ended their professional relationship, Mewgenis was officially shelved and put in a back room somewhere. Refenes went on to develope Super Meat Boy Forever, while McMillen went back to work on the Binding of Isaac and released the popular Rebirth.

Moving forward, we can expect news of the game over the next few months. McMillen said during his 2018 Q&A blog post (via Eurogamer): "Tyler and I are currently prototyping some stuff for [Mew-Genics] and if all goes well I'm 99% sure that little monster will once again become my obsession."

"Mewgenics was always my oddball dream project and probably the game I'm questioned about the most these days. Mewgenics is being remade from the ground up so don't expect to see much for a year or two. Who am I kidding I'll probably start teasing the first beta images once things get moving along...MEWGENICS LIVES".

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