MineZ: Minecraft Zombie Survival


Are you a fan of Minecraft, a fan of DayZ? You may have the mashup of your dreams in the form of MineZ, that sees zombie survival hit the blocky building world - though don't expect to be crafting structures and weapons, this mod is all about scavenging and survival.

The game works in the same way as the ARMA II Mod it was inspired by, dumping players on the coastline, of a land populated by abandoned buildings, creepy dark forests and of course, many, many zombies. They're fast moving as you might expect, but the real game changer is that you don't start with a pistol and you can't find an AK47. The starter weapon is a basic sword and don't expect to find bows and arrows in abundance. This means that most kills need to be made up close and personal, adding to the tension.

While you shouldn't expect to find any alternative modes of transportation, like cars and helicopters, this does mean that the world is able to be a bit smaller than its Chernarus inspiration, leading to more player interaction. Players also seem to have a friendlier outlook more often than in Day Z, where despite a growing community of fellow survivalists, it's still relatively cut throat.

One of the more interesting upcoming features that was announced, was the ability for zombies to pull players off of small ledges, making it very difficult to "table camp" as the lead developer puts it. A new game-mode is currently being tested internally, "Last Man standing," which should provide for some very tense game play scenarios.

If you want to check MineZ out, you'll need a copy of Minecraft and a server list. Check it out here.