Mobile Phones to Become Mini-Consoles

The experience of playing currently available games on mobile phones has disappointed many users. TTPCom, a wireless technology provider, aim to change that and are trying to convince mobile phone makers that they have found the best way to turn handsets into game consoles.

TTPCom have developed their wireless gaming application, based on the simple premise, that the core of the chip powering Nintendo's Gameboy Advance is the same as found in 80 percent of the world's phones. The Gameboy Advance and most mobile handsets use a processor core developed by UK technology firm Arm.

TTPCom have signed agreements with 10 established game developers and at present, customers can choose from over 30 games that are available. These games range from arcade, shoot-em up and platform to gambling and location based games. A list and screenshots of the games may be found here.

With our gaming application, TTPCom is the first to offer a high quality but low cost gaming experience to mobile phone users, explained Gael Rosset, Head of Technology at TTPCom Denmark. He continued, With a footprint of just 45kB, G-WGE is a major breakthrough in mobile gaming, supporting heavy graphical manipulations and multi-layered graphics with chromakey transparency as well as optimised blit, zoom, rotate and scale functions.

The G-WGE application is an open platform where any content distributor or developer can write their own games. The software development kit (SDK) is available online from TTPCom's developer website . To date there have been over 1000 downloads.

With an open approach to the development of games on our WGE platform we can ensure that the standard of mobile gaming increases and evolves over time. Therefore giving the end customer more choice and a better gaming experience, said Gael Rosset.

The games that are currently demonstrated on the InTouch handset are; Classic Rally, where the user can choose from three different types of car and navigate demanding tracks. Hurricane Space Fighters, a classic style shoot-em up where the user must destroy enemy fighters. Fillip in Savannah Adventure where the hero of the game must search through inhospitable terrain to find the parts of his plane that crash-landed. The final game, currently being showcased on the InTouch handset is Hugo and the Evil Mirror which has been developed by the well-known game developer ITE. Hugo is a popular game on Nintendo's Game Boy Colour and is to be released on Game Boy Advanced in September this year.

The company has also released PC versions of some of the games, follow the download tab above to find the links to the games.

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