MP3 Player Carries 80 GB Of Music

MP3 Player Carries 80 GB Of Music MP3 Player Carries 80 GB Of Music

A simple way to measure the capacity of the new GIDI MP3 player is the one used by the manufacturers; a capacity of 20 GB offers, on average, 16 days of non stop CD quality music.
Each GIDI model however, can come with up to 4 times that capacity...

Reality Media, the developers of the GIDI range of MP3 players, are a Belgium based company and have added further attractive features to the players. All models come with :

Easy to use Simple navigation with the infrared remote or the CD player style buttons on the device. The large display shows artist names, song titles and additionals info that you can read from a few meters.

Simple menu for all functions like:
audio settings level,bass,trebble,left-right,
navigation trough your archives,
direct access to any title,
playlist management...

The full product range begins with the
GIDI XL, developed for home or office use, it is
a standalone unit with optional HD, power supply, and remote control.
The standard USB port allows an easy/fast transfer (any MP3 music/sound) from/to your PC.
This unit aims for the home stereo system, resting somewhere above the amp and the CD player.
Prices start at $768 US for the 80GB model, $608 for the 60GB model, $581 for 40GB, and $504 for 20GB.

Next is the GIDI PRO (Rack 19" 1U)
For heavy duty professional application, a standalone unit with HD, power supply USB front loading and optionnal RS-232 remote control. This model seems to be targeted for radio stations and for other such commercial application.
Prices range from $795 for the 80GB, $635 for 60GB, $608 for 40GB, to $531 for 20GB.

Finally the GIDI MICROSERVER is specially designed for cars, trucks, boats or any mobile application.
The Gidi MicroServer can hold so many digital music titles that one could drive or spend one week without ever listening to the same song twice. Not only can music lovers carry their whole collection with them, but they can also employ the player's powerful features to customize playlists to listen to their favorite bass-pounding music on the way to work and smooth tunes for a stress-free ride home (8 updatable playlists of up to 64 titles each are available). The unit is operated by an external remote control that attaches to the steering wheel.
Getting one will set you back $715 for 80GB, $555 for 60GB, $528 for 40GB, and $451 for 20GB.