The Mystery of Spacewell

The Mystery of Spacewell

Miami-based Solar Studios Inc. and Hollywood-based Tricor Entertainment Inc. have announced Renegades of Spacewell, the first product of their recently announced alliance.

The collaborating duo will release Renegades of Spacewell as a blockbuster Hollywood-style action game with related film properties. Renegades of Spacewell is a product of the combined efforts of top independent game publisher, Solar Studios Inc., which created Metal Combat…, along with the leading Hollywood movie producers who brought you Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Demolition Man, Extreme Days, and more.

Up to this point everything seems in order and we seem to have a legitimate claim to an AAA title and the possibility of movie and other spin-offs. The mystery however is in the presentation of the new title by two companies which seem to be newcomers to the gaming world.

Tricor Entertainment, for a company with such great movies in its portfolio, seems slightly low key and focused on one man, Craig Darian, since only his image is displayed on the Tricor website and the URL is

Solar Studios, on the other hand, is a game developer but the presentation of the Renegades of Spacewell title is, to say the least, lackluster. The online presence of Renegades of Spacewell consists of a rather odd image and a video file of a very basic powerpoint presentation, although we have to admit the music is cool, if familiar. Having written all that we have to give the two companies the benefit of the doubt and we will wait until E3 2006 before we rush to criticise a title that is so early in development. It is however a mystery how two newcomers to gaming can be so ambitious at such an early stage in a product's life, especially when they claim that the game will benefit from the...killer look of carbon fiber!!

The background story of Renegades of Spacewell mentions the tormented power executive facing a government corruption indictment…, the killer military girl gone AWOL…, and the sacrificial beast. These are the Renegades of Spacewell. Forced together against impossible odds, the accidental heroes must face a diabolical military and save the secret source of all the power in the known universe - The Spacewell.

We are excited to make Renegades of Spacewell the first brand of the Solar-Tricor alliance. Combining top Hollywood talent with our cutting edge gaming technology enables us to deliver the most compelling level of interactive entertainment on the market today, said Matthew Green, Software Architect for Solar Studios.

Players can step into the center of the action and become their favorite renegade, storming through the universe, to save all the known planets from eternal darkness. Marksmanship, hand to hand combat, and piloting skills are key game play elements. The fast paced sci-fi video game is full of megaton action…, and with the killer look of carbon fiber and the pulsing sound of gritty techno, Renegades of Spacewell will take interactive entertainment to a new level.

Tricor Entertainment's CEO, Craig Darian, summarizes: Technology is now developing at a speed where high-end games and motion pictures are so complementary that each one stands to become an ancillary opportunity for the other. Although we recognize that not all stories and characters are adaptable to games, we do intend to create content that is designed to entertain on multiple platforms. Done successfully, there is no better contemporary way to mitigate risk and increase value.