The Next Halo Game Will Be On PC And Mobile


While the original Halo was the game that brought the Xbox its first cult following and the second made Xbox Live a service that people really use and the following Halo games... did alright, on the Xbox 360, the next game in Master Chief's universe will be entirely different, appearing on both PC and mobile.

How can it achieve this blend? By not being a fast paced first person shooter of course, but a top down, dual-analog shooter. It's canon too, set between Halo 3 and 4 where players will "explore a mysterious world," and use a variety of weapons and vehicles to destroy hordes of Covenant soldiers - all while looking down from above.

The name? Halo: Spartan Assault.

Of course this being a Microsoft game, it's not clear yet whether it will appear on Android or iOS handsets, but we do know it'll be on Windows 8 tablets and desktops and on Windows 8 phones.

It will apparently cost $7 on launch and will feature micro-transactions in game, though according to Kotaku, they're not mandatory for game completion - there will just be some grinding involved if you don't pony up the cash.

It looks like this game will tone down the violence and gore a little from previous Halo games, as it's sporting a Teen rating instead of the most common Mature one found on previous Halo games. It will however link back with Halo 4, letting you earn experience that can be spent on emblems for your spartan's career in 4.

So what do you guys think of this? If you like the look of it, do you have a Windows 8 device that could play it?