NFSU, PGA Golf Ready for PSP Launch

NFSU, PGA Golf Ready for PSP Launch

At the annual Tokyo Game Show today, Electronic Arts announced that it will ship Need for Speed Underground Rivals and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld videogame system when the new console launches in Japan. Inspired by hit franchises, both games will be customized and optimized for the new system. The games are being developed in EA Canada by Team Fusion, an elite group of approximately 150 game designers specializing in development for the PSP. These two titles will ship in North America alongside NBA STREET and NFL STREET as well as two other unannounced games when the system reaches that market in spring 2005.

Warren Wall, Executive Producer and Director of Team Fusion said Our PSP games will be tailored for the new system in every way -- graphics, gameplay and sound. We plan to kick off the PSP launch with a bang!

Need for Speed Underground Rivals and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf for the PSP will benefit from a multitude of customizations that have been specifically designed for the console's unique 16:9 screen and the portable gameplay style afforded by the system. True to its tuner culture roots, NFSUR will feature all new tracks and environments, Japanese custom cars and American muscle cars, Head-to-Head rivalry using Wi-Fi multiplayer as well as brand new PSP-specific modes.

Like Need for Speed Underground Rivals, the PSP edition of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Golf uses Wi-Fi multiplayer to pit golfers against one another in Head-to-Head play as well as introduces players to all new ways of playing golf using new modes that capitalize on the PSP hardware features. Players can compete against the pros from past and present on the Legend TOUR or they can opt to stick with classic Tiger Woods courses. Either way -- this game asks, are you up for the challenge?

EA has dedicated resources worldwide to the creation of the first generation of the PSP titles. Over 150 people from within EA development studios are hard at work on creating the games, which will be drawn from the stable of hit franchises including top-sellers from all three brands; EA GAMES, EA SPORTS and EA SPORTS BIG.