Nintendo Announces Its New Console: The GAMECUBE

Nintendo Announces Its New Console: The GAMECUBE

Finally MegaGames can bring you some great news about the upcoming Nintendo Dolphin. It was code-named Dolphin by those who worked on it, and not it has been shown in Japan with an even geekier name, The GameCube.

The GameCube is designed to make it easy for the game developers make games that can utilize all of the options of the console. This was one of the problems with the N64. Additionally, the NGC will use a quasi-DVD disc. It is the size of a normal DVD, but half of it is plain plastic. But it will still hold many times the data than the old N64 cartridges. Truly the new Zelda RPG will be a sight to behold.

Nintendo has also removed the "bottlenecks" which hindered the N64, and prevented it from becoming an efficient system. They have introduced 1T-RAM technology, which has a minimum of delays, into the main memory and the Graphics LSI Mixed Memory.

There will be many different peripherals for the game cube. You can plug the new Game Boy Advanced into it, and there will also be a modem, memory cards, and perhaps even wireless controllers (although kinks are still being worked out).

Stay tuned to MegaGames for the latest news on the GameCube as it becomes available. For now, these images will have to do. Enjoy!