NPD Report: Americans Play Videogames Than Go To Movies

According to NPD Group's latest report, titled "Entertainment Trends in America", America plays videogames more than it goes to movies.

According to the report, 63% of Americans have played videogames in the last six months, 53% went to cinemas, and 94% listened to music.

"Videogames account for one-third of the average monthly consumer spending in the US for core entertainment content, including music, video and games," said analyst Anita Frazier. "While a portion of that share stems from the premium price of console games, we're also seeing an overall increase in the number of people participating in gaming year-over-year."

Other statistics from the report revealed that the average gamer spends more than $38 per month on gaming content, and that 10% of American gamers play videogames on social networks.

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