NV30 to Make the Christmas Season

It is now confirmed that nVidia will be launching the NV30 at the Comdex show in Las Vegas, between the 18th and 22nd of November. Amid speculation that the chip might not get to see 2002, nVidia have pushed as much as possible in order to open the possibility of December 2002 availability for their new chip. If this does happen nVidia will yet again rain on ATI's parade, who were dreaming of a no contest Christmas sales season.

When the NV30 becomes available it will be the first graphics chip built on the .13 micron process and is expected to clock at 350MHz to 400MHz, although nVidia are keeping a tight lid on the specifics.
Whether the NV28 AGP 8X half-breed, was launched in fear that the NV30 would not make the Christmas season remains a matter of much debate but of little importance. Once the new chip is launched nVidia will return to their graphics leader throne, until ATI reply that is.
ATI are not waiting for the NV30 though, work is well under way on their .13 micron offering, the R300, even though not much details are known about that particular effort.

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