Nvidia Titan RTX hits 40,000 in 3DMark testing

The Nvidia Titan RTX will be the most powerful graphics card when it's released at some point before the end of this year, but no one knows just how powerful. We have a rough idea though, because some enterprising leaker has released a screenshot of some 3DMark Fire Strike results that show it capable of delivering a graphics score in an excecss of 40,000.

The exact score the Titan RTX achieved was 41,109 on the graphics score, with a combined score of 31,862. To give that some context, WCCFTech highlights that a heavily overclocked 2080 Ti can only manage 39,958 on the graphics test. While that doesn't paint a picture of the Titan RTX being excessively more capable, it wasn't overclocked anywhere near as much, so if it has any kind of additional headroom it would likely pull further ahead.

It is also rather unsurprising that the Titan RTX isn't drastically more powerful than the 2080 Ti. It is really just an unlocked 2080 Ti with a higher clock speed and a boat load of more memory, the latter of which would be mostly wasted in games and benchmarks like 3DMark. Especially Fire Strike which is a little long in the tooth at this point. We'd like to see how the 2080 Ti and Titan RTX compare in Time Spy.

In reality, the Titan RTX will excel in scenarios that leverage the new DLSS and ray tracing features of the RTX generation of cards, as well as AI tasks and rendering. That's where the Titan will find its most common usage.

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