Play GC Games Online

Play GC Games Online

How would you like to be able to play Mario Kart Double Dash, 1080o:Avalanche and Kirby Air Ride online against other GameCube owners? Well it's not impossible anymore, Warp Pipe is here.

The aim of Warp Pipe is simple and clear, to allow gamers to play LAN enabled GameCube games over a wide area network (Internet). The software seems to work rather well, although you do need a fast connection, and manages to trick Cubes into accepting the Internet as a Local Area Network.
In order to use Warp Pipe you need the following accessories:

- Router
- GameCube Broadband Adapter
- PC/MAC connected to router
- GameCube connected to router
- Warp Pipe software (running on PC/MAC)
- A lot of patience

Warp Pipe is still buggy as it is only now about to enter its beta testing phase but is extremely promising and is expected to be in much better shape when Mario Kart DD ships in the U.S.

This project may well stir things up by creating new interest in the GameCube, especially since it is the cheapest console out there.

Get Warp Pipe by following the download tab above.


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