PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds player banned for the game's own bug

Although PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has had the difficult task of managing an enormous community of players right after its launch on Steam Early Access, the developer Bluehole has been known to be a little zealous with its ban hammer. In some cases, it has banned people via speculation after they dared the developer to on Twitter. In one case now, that has the community rather riled up, a streamer has been banned when a bug caused a number of buildings not to spawn in the game.

Why were they banned for this? Because they ran people over with a vehicle while they were 'in buildings.' Because buildings and walls didn't load for this particular player, they were simply driving around a seemingly empty map with random people 'hiding' in plain sight.

While this player and streamer did acknowledge that they'll likely be banned for the kills, as PCGamesN points out, what exactly was he supposed to do? He could have just left the game, he could have allowed himself to be killed, but just as he shouldn't really be ruining everyone else's game because of the bug, why should it ruin his?

How do you guys feel about this? Should this player have been banned for the problems he caused? Or should Bluehole simply fix the bug and move on?

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