Playstation Official Website Hacked

Playstation Official Website Hacked

IT security firm Sophos reported that the official Playstation website has been compromised by hackers.

According to Sophos, the hackers managed to inject fake ads that tried to scare the website readers into buying an equally fake antivirus after claiming to have detected viruses on their PCs.

"Visiting the affected PlayStation site runs a script that pretends to do an online security scan of your computer, and presents a bogus warning message that your PC is infected with a variety of different pieces of malware. Users frightened by the scareware 'warnings' might rush to spend money on useless software."

"The fact that the Sony PlayStation site has been attacked in this way suggests that someone with malicious intent could place other harmful malware there - a worrying thought when you consider the number of consumers interested in video gaming."

SophosLabs has contacted Sony and at the time of writing the website is still infected.