Polaris Project Announcement and Offer

Polaris Project Announcement and Offer

Callisto Interactive recently announced their first game, The Polaris Project, a 1st person action adventure PC game being developed using the open source game engine, Genesis3D. Working in association with Hostway UK, Callisto aim to develop a market for their title and publish the game themselves. Their main aim is to build up a large supportive community to provide ideas and support while a team of 4 enthusiastic friends exploit their talents developing the game itself.


You play as the Head of Security of the important space station, Epsilon Zero. This station is the base of operations for military research for the Perseus Arm detachment of UREI, an organization responsible for controling and policing most of the charted universe.

Since 2492, when UREI (United Research and Exploration Initiative) was formed, they have represented the United Earth Government in the exploration of the Milky Way. Once all available planets were colonies in 2875, UREI have been continually expanding out from the Milky Way galaxy to other nearby galaxies, mainly the Andromeda Galaxy.

However, in early 3012, a small group of right wing terrorists started attempting to hinder the progress and development of UREI. After a number of attacks, it was agreed that a military division should be established to support the exploration ships sent out. Epsilon Zero was completed in late 3415 near the Crab Nebula at the very edge of the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way to develop new military technology and space travel technology.

This caused controversy as UREI was not initially established as a police force in the galaxies, but quickly had to assume that role when traders working with UREI were attacked by the terrorist organisation, calling themselves Phoenix Front.

Once completed, the station began to research and develop new weapons, systems and other useful technology, much of it released to the public. Although there have been a few minor security breeches, nothing major has occurred and the terrorist group has been quiet for a while.

The current year is 3695 and you have just been appointed Head of Security at Epsilon Zero. Due to your experience in the military this is a perfect posting due to a top-secret project, code-named The Polaris Project. This project is the development of an extremely toxic virus that will be used to combat the enemies of UREI. Obviously, it is important to keep this project secret due to its controversial nature.

More information is available on the Official Callisto Website, a link to which can be found by following the download tab.

The Offer
If you submit a suggestion via the Community, which is then included in the game, you will get a 50 per cent discount when you purchase a copy of the game!