Popcap CEO: Zynga Uses Money To Buy Their Customers

Popcap CEO Dave Roberts has expressed his opinion that Zynga's days of success are coming to an end as the effect of their marketing tricks start to fade off.

"They are in some ways struggling to catch up because they are not gaming in their heritage," he said at the Washing Technology Industry Association TechNW conference yesterday.

Competing only with Reflexive Arcade at the time, Popcap was a pioneer casual games developer since the year 2000. Zynag on the other hand was founded in 2007 and owes all of its $500 million revenues to its success on facebook.

"They are a marketing company," Roberts added. "They are a media company. They are awfully good at it. But we believe that ultimately, and it's our bias, that... great games are always going to be better than great marketing."

"Zynga is really good at sort of using money to buy their customers every day. That's an interesting business model, but becomes complicated.

Google and Softbank have invested $300 million in Zynga a few months ago.

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