Projectz Projectz Projectz Projectz

ProjectZ is a space action title that features incredible real time 3D graphics, spatial sound, in an immersive multi galaxy universe implementing command structure, planetary conquest and strategic maneuvers.
In the year 2330, a dangerous and sometimes, deadly age of man has dawned. Carefully neutral tradesmen and merchants ply the spaceways with their own agendas in mind. Small, narrow-minded planetary governments attempt to lay claim to regions of space and mercilessly tax any that violate their tiny little empire. Religious empires built within the framework of all civilized worlds seek to guide and realign the numerous colony governments with their aims and ideals.
Players start of as an ensign piloting smaller craft and eventually work their way up to a grand admiral controlling a capital ship and plotting maneuvers in one of the three initial factions included in the universe. Hundreds of players will engage in online scenarios and even multi game campaigns, providing compelling and dynamic gameplay with a multitude of objectives, ship types and strategies to reach ultimate conquest.