Rage 2 borrows from Avalanche's roots to make it crazier than the original

Avalanche Studios has been co-developing Rage 2 with id Software and it shows in the latest gameplay trailer of the game, where we see that it's borrowed from its Just Cause series' insanity to create a game that is far more explosive, over the top, and gritty than its predecessor. Where the original Rage was an expansive, open world, post-apocalyptic desert shooter and racer, Rage 2 is an expansive, open world, post-apocalyptic desert shooter and racer with a real dose of crazy.

Although Rage 2 was initially marketed with a serious tone, showing off many elements of the original game: Mad Max-style vehicles, bizarre mutants of varied size, and some unique clans fighting among one another, it really is a different world this time around.

There are crazed settings of slaughter in arenas, over the top weapons, big brawls among huge gangs, races with even more explosions, flips and stunts, and a lot more color than ever before. It's bright, brazen and ridiculous in equal measure.

Rage 2 looks set to offer a true anarchy simulator with driving and shooter elements, with a plethora of ridiculous enemies to face and tonnes of weapons to take them down with.

What's more to want?

Rage 2 doesn't have an official release date as of yet, but it's expected to debut in early 2019.

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