Real world AMD RX 6900, RX 6800, and RX 6700 pics leaked

AMD's RX 6000 series isn't set to debut until late October, but the teases have begun, and team red has officially released a render of its RX 6900 on Twitter and on its private island in Fortnite. Coming right alongside these debuts is a new leak via YouTuber JayTwoCents, who showed not only the RX 6900, but the RX 6800, and 6700, the latter two of which feature not a triple-fan solution, but a dual-fan cooler.

The RX 6900, as it's expected to be called, is the second triple-fan cooled reference card AMD has ever made. It previously released the second-generation Vega, Radeon VII with a similar design, though this one appears to have a much larger aluminum heatsink and larger fans, too. It has twin 8-pin power connectors, which means it could draw as much as 375W, but with the greater efficiency of RDNA2, we'll have to see how close to that threshold it gets in the real world.

The RX 6800 and 6700 will utilize a dual-fan version of that same cooler, with a similarly large heatsink and dual-8pin connectors. The two fans appear to be the same sort of size as the 6900's, and add an additional Radeon "R" logo in the center for added branding.

It's not clear yet which RDNA2 GPUs these cards house, though it's likely that the two 6900 will use the Navi 21 die, and the others the slightly cut down Navi 22.

Look out for more details on RDNA2 cards in the coming weeks. Leaks are likely to snowball as we edge closer to their official debut.

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