Resident Evil Village crack fixes Denuvo stuttering

Resident Evil Village is a gorgeous looking game with surprisingly low specification demands on gamer PCs, but it does have a few issues, especially on systems with weaker processors. There's been a frustrating stuttering effect in game which some suggested could be down to the game's use of multi-layer DRM solutions, including the Denuvo anti-tamper system. All doubts seem to have been washed away now, as the cracked version of the game without these protections has no stuttering at all.

DigitalFoundry investigated these claims, and noticed that in specific portions of the game, the retail version suffered horrific frame time and frame rate dips, where the cracked version didn't have anything of the sort. It's a real surprise, as performance of the game was hailed as being excellent across PCs and new-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The consoles never experienced these issues, but the PC version did, which first tipped people off to the DRM being the culprit. Now with the cracked version not having those stutters at all, it seems almost certain that the DRM was at fault. That's a terrible state of affairs, as it means that those who actually paid for the game ended up with a worse experience.

Capcom has now promised a "performance patch" will be released in the near future to fix this issue for those running the retail game.

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