Riot Games just launched a LoL RPG and a rhythm game

Riot Games just launched a LoL RPG and a rhythm game

Riot Games has made a surprise launch of two new games within the League of Legends universe, though they're nothing to do with the MOBA game at the heart of the lore. The Ruined King is set within two regions of Runeterra and brings a number of League of Legends heroes together to fight off the titular Ruined king. It has an isometric overworld, with turn-based combat, and a tactical array of abilities to choose from. Hextech Mayhem is an auto-runner rhythm game featuring a pair of LoL characters.

Riot Games has been looking to expand on its game library in recent years while reinforcing the foundations of its League of Legends heart. This latest effort sees it expand into two unique directions. Hextech Mayhem is a $10, casual title that sees Ziggs running, jumping, sliding, and bombing his way through various levels as you try to keep his actions in time with the rhythm.

It's made by the developer of Bit.Trip Runner and features gorgeous, explosive action in a LoL-inspired world. It's $10 on Steam, GoG, and Epic Games Store now.

Ruined King is the more traditionally themed and costed game of the two. It's $30 on those same game stores, and gives you some turn-based tactical combat with various LoL characters, a more stylized art design, and deeper gameplay. It's atactical RPG with various enemies, regions to explore, and a range of monsters and enemies to battle as you look to take down the Ruined King.

Both games are under the "League of Legends Story," banner, which will form the basis of a number of future Riot-published games in the future.