Riot's next game will be a single-player League of Legends title

The new Riot Forge Publishing arm of Riot Games is branching out from traditional Riot Games content into something a little different. Instead of the multiplayer-focused efforts it's made previously, Riot is bringing its League of Legends universe to the single player audience for the first time.

Riot Forge is working on a number of new projects, including an FPS, a card game, and a fighting game. But all of these are multiplayer-focused. Its new game, will be focused on a single-player, story-driven experience, and that won't be the last of that type of gameplay we'll see from the company. Especially if the game does well.

"Our developers are still early in the process of creating these great games,"Riot Forge's FAQ states, via PCGamer. "When they’re a little further along, we’ll announce the games that they are making."

While this suggests that these games (and the new single player experience) will be a little way off from releasing just yet, there is some indication that we'll get our first look at one at the Game Awards on Friday, December 13, which is just one week away.

What kind of game(s) would you like to see come out of Riot?

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