Rockstar offers free online cash for improving your security

If you haven't enabled two-factor authentication on your Rockstar account, now is a great time to do so, as the long-time-developer is now offering free online cash for GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption II for anyone who does so. The additional security layer should help prevent most phishing attacks and shore up the security of Rockstar's largest earners.

Two-factor authentication might have its flaws — it does theoretically open up new attack vectors for hackers — but for the most part if introduces a secondary layer of security on a digital account. Instead of simply requiring a password and email address to login to your account, any attacker would also need access to your phone number or more commonly, the device associated with that phone number. That makes it much harder for them to hack into your account without your knowledge.

That's why Rockstar is encouraging its players to implement the feature on their accounts now. Anyone who does so for their Rockstar Social Club account within the net few weeks will be rewarded with $500,000 in GTA Online cash. They'll also be given 10 gold bars in Red Dead Online, should you play that game as well, or instead of GTA V.

This won't be a one time thing though. Anyone who retains two-factor authentication on their account can expect further rewards in the coming months. The longer you maintain it, the greater the rewards will be long term.

If you want to add two-factor authentication to your account, the best place to start is the settings page for your Social Club profile.

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