Scarface Is Pacino - First Images

Scarface Is Pacino - First Images Scarface Is Pacino - First Images Scarface Is Pacino - First Images Scarface Is Pacino - First Images Scarface Is Pacino - First Images Scarface Is Pacino - First Images Scarface Is Pacino - First Images

VU Games has released he first images from the Scarface game. If the eleven fist in game shots are any indication of what is to come we should expect a game that sticks very faithfully to the movie storyline. Some of the images, available by following the download tab above, you can directly link to the movie (as the shooting at the landing image suggests).

Some images do seem to be very similar to a certain GTA does Miami title but then again Scarface is a game about crime, Miami and the 80's so that is only natural.
Read on to discover the full list of big voices that have agreed to help Tony Montana make his video game debut...

VUGames announced that several high profile actors are lending their likeness and voice talent to the upcoming adaptation of Scarface, Hollywood's underworld masterpiece. Scarface: The World is Yours, set for release this Fall, will try and create the perfect Tony Montana, forced to carve out his drug empire for the second time. The game will be shown publicly for the first time at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on May 18th.

Ensuring an authentic videogame experience of the movie, film actor Al Pacino has lent his likeness to the game, assuring that players will embark on a journey that delivers the essence and soul of the Scarface mythology. The game's roster of voice actors also includes original Scarface cast members Steven Bauer and Robert Loggia (who played Manny Ray and Frank Lopez respectively), comedians Jay Mohr and Cheech Marin, and actors James Woods, Miguel Sandoval, Robert Davi, Michael Rappaport and Michael York.

Al Pacino brought the character of Tony Montana to life onscreen in a very powerful way, and the inclusion of his likeness as Tony Montana is a critical component to the authenticity of the Scarface game experience, said Cindy Cook, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for VU Games.

The Scarface video game immerses players in a what if Tony survives storyline that begins with the explosive shootout at the end of the film. Gamers will travel through the steamy, often violent streets of Miami, the irie islands of the various Caribbean locales and will interact with a world full of seedy and dangerous characters to procure information, negotiate business deals, smuggle contraband and avoid rivals and DEA on a mission to rebuild their fallen empire. Scarface The Game is currently in development by veteran video game developer Radical Games for the PlayStation 2, the Xbox and PC.

There Once Was a Movie

Al Pacino gives an unforgettable performance as Tony Montana, one of the most ruthless gangsters ever depicted on film, in this gripping crime epic inspired by the 1932 classic of the same title. Directed by hit-maker Brian DePalma and produced by Martin Bregman who brought the Godfather legends to the screen, Scarface follows the violent career of Tony Montana (Pacino), a ruthless Cuban refugee who blasts his way to the top of Miami's drug underworld, attaining wealth and power beyond his wildest dreams. His rags-to-riches ascent is marked by memorable moments, including a scene in which the cocky Montana risks his neck to propose to Elvira (Michelle Pfeiffer), the girlfriend of murderous drug kingpin Frank Lopez (Robert Loggia). Only in the film's devastating finale does Montana come to grips with the awful price of his lavish empire.

With its intense screenplay by Academy Award-winner Oliver Stone, driving music score by Giorgio Moroder, and superb insights into Miami's lifestyle, Scarface lays bare the sordid power of the American drug scene.