Sleeping Dogs Trailer Features George St. Pierre

Sleeping Dogs Trailer

Square Enix has released a new trailer for its upcoming Sleeping Dogs game, mixing up the in-game footage with live action shots of current UFC welterweight champion, George St. Pierre.

Claiming that the game introduces "next level melee combat," the trailer showcases the type of fighting that the protagonist can take part in. There's not much grappling to be seen, but the main character does deliver an elbow to the chest of an enemy held in a headlock. Mostly though, the trailer features a mix of Muay Thai and boxing, with GSP and the game's protagonist demonstrating their abilities. Interestingly though, while GSP utilises a tighter boxing stance, the character in the trailer uses a much wider, traditional style more often seen with arts like Kung Fu. However we do see spinning elbows and fists, along with soccer kicks, knees and superman punches.

St. Pierre says that's important to know more than you opponent, essentially, to be more technically mindful and be capable of more techniques. A short training sequence is glimpsed in the trailer, suggesting that the player character will be able to learn new moves through training, instead of a simple upgrade mechanic that has no basis in the reality of the game world.

Set for release this August 14th on PC, Xbox and PS3, Sleeping Dogs is set in Hong Kong, and sees players take control of an undercover cop as he attempts to infiltrate the notorious Triads.

If you want to check out the trailer, head here.